There’s way more to ally-ship then just showing up to the protect of #blacklivesmatters or #supportingblackbrands

 Its about building consistency and accountability actively doing things to support communities who are being underrepresented and mistreated.

it’s very easy to  say you're an ally but until you're going out of your way to correct things, you're not a ally. Until you're using your privilege to amplify black voices, not speaking for black people, not speaking over black people but using whatever privilege you have as non-black person to amplify our voices demanding change.

While challenging anti-blackness, and racism as a whole, Being an ally to the Black communities demands three qualities humility, openness and a willingness to endure discomfort. All that being said if you can’t speak up because of your discomfort you are part of the problem as their can’t be growth and change without it.

Being an Ally

  • Actively listen to people within the group whom you want to ally yourself.
  • Be aware of implicit biases you might have.
  • Understand and reflect on your own identity biases, and privileges.
  • Educate yourself on the issues facing oppressed group for which you want to be an ally. Don't expect those with whom you want to ally with to teach you.
  • Actively acknowledging the thoughts ideas & actions of marginalized groups by showing support.
  • When corrected on a mistake or misunderstanding don't get defensive this is a corrective learning moment for you to better understand with discomfort comes the growth and change needed.
  • Remember there will be instances that may make you uncomfortable to speak up but thats part of being an ally theres no part-time allyship.



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