Our Story

BoiHér is a vision for the change of social pressures and everyday “normalities” placed on societies views, and perceptions. To be in the same space as another human, and not have the label of being different. I chose to step outside of the social norms of what it means to be a woman. I simply live in my truth, and the truth is I prefer to shop in the men’s section. I prefer loose fitting fashion, I choose to not “fit the norm”.

This is what BoiHér represents. The name is a play on my identity, though I identify as a woman, I’m more masculine presenting. BoiHér is just that, a combination of boy and girl. Here, BoiHér was born. I believe that our moods are what defines our style and creative expressions, our moods can be the sum of our visual projection.

BoiHér is a brand that prides itself on inclusivity, and diversity, for all identities to shop freely without the labels society has created. BoiHér is the new normal, and gender roles have no place in fashion! One should be able to live freely in their self identities without judgment! BoiHér is all of us.

About the Creators

As a POC and visible member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I’ve dealt with the stares and whispers.  Some days I sag my pants, face fully beat, and long hair blowing in the wind. Some days I’m bare and sensual. 

I’ve dealt with the ugly views of societies labels my whole life. We’re taught that if we step outside of the norm, then we are different from the rest, and that’s not normal. Instead of being taught that being yourself is “not normal”, we should be encouraged that everyone has their own individual identities, and we should fully embrace them.

My mission to change the way people perceive us started with a moment, of many, in my life that deeply hurt me and made me realize that this is not ok and needs to change!!              

       I worked for a well known retail store and my sister worked there with me. No one knew we were sisters. One day my sister tells me how the other employees were commenting on my sexuality!! Was I trans, was I a woman? Did I want to be a man or the other way around? All this speculation just because I didn’t dress like a girl is “supposed” to dress!? Why do I need to dress a type of way for one to know my sexual orientation?? Why has this become a factor?? Why can’t you just see me as a person with a heart, that has feelings whether I’m a girl or boy.  BoiHér to me is the answer to all my questions...

It was all my experiences, and encounters with people blinded by these norms that sparked my vision. Build a brand that allows one to live in their truth and creative expression. Though BoiHér may be classified as an urban street brand, it’s a brand that has removed labels, and created a safe space to shop with comfort.

My vision, my partner helped me push to the surface, encouraging me to take the leap to bring it to life. The second half, and silent partner of BoiHér is a very driven, supportive and impactful individual, Vesna Peiovici. 

With her background in Human Resource Management, as well as Business Relations, her role is in the background of BoiHér. Editor, researcher, book keeper, and customer relations representative. She’s a huge supporter of me, and my vision and helps keep me on track, headed in the right direction.

Together, we make BoiHér. But you make Boihér everyone.